Who we are

(If you're not sure who we are, make sure you're on the right wedding site.)
Stephanie Marie Seguin
Born November 7, 1977
Steph was born in Canton, OH (home of the Football Hall of Fame). At age eight she moved with her family to Crete, Il, a little town south of Chicago. When she was 17 they moved to Ft.Myers Beach, FL. Not long after this she started attending University of Florida. After graduating in 2000 she started working full time as staff for the Womenís Liberation group Redstockings where she currently works today.

Steph likes: foreign movies, travelling, garage sales, beating Danny at Backgammon, cheesy wedding websites
Steph doesnít like: losing to Danny at Backgammon, kittens, bubbles, people who donít get my jokes
Secret Dream job: stand-up comedian
Thing she most loves about Danny: his quirky sense of humor and his bright ideas for new video games
Daniel Alexander Gimenez
Born November 21, 1978
Danny was born in Miami, Florida where he lived most of his life. Since he was a little kid he's had a computer, allowing him to learn to programming at a very young age and this earning the nickname (by his Uncle) the "Keyboard King". Now he's programming for Ceridian. He does it from his house so he spends most of his time playing video games (not really).

Danny likes: science fiction movies, playing video games, beating Steph at Monopoly, cheesy wedding websites
Danny doesnít like: losing to Steph at Monopoly, smelly dogs, people who don't understand what I say
Secret Dream job: computer programmer
Thing he most loves about Steph: her love of the little things and her imaginiative ideas.

How we met

Danny and Steph met July 3rd, 1996 during their first semester of college. It was the Gainesville 4th of July extravaganza (poopie little fireworks display). Danny's roomate had met Steph and her roomate just the day before and they decided for us to all get together. Anyhoo, after the fireworks extravaganza we all decided to go somewhere. Well there was a whole lot of people and one tiny little Honda - not everyone would fit. So Danny decided to be the brave, chivalrous one and get in the trunk. Steph wondered who this wierdo was.

Danny and Steph became friends. When Danny missed his family and friends in Miami, Steph was there to comfort him. When Steph was working on her homework Danny would come around to bother her and play his New Order CD. They would spend nights in the dorm room of anyone who was awake to watch the late show with Conan O'Brien. And they became closer and closer and closer ...
True or False: Steph and Danny once got lost atop a snowy mountain in June.
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